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The Entrepreneurial Evolution

Bottom-Line Lessons To Bring Your Business into the New Age

The Entrepreneurial Evolution combines life lessons, global philosophies, and 22 years of business experience to help entrepreneurs thrive in the 21st century. This book isn’t full of textbook theory, and it doesn’t waste time with Fortune-500 level strategies: it’s meant to give readers all the benefits of a trial and error approach to small business education, only faster and without any of the risk. Lior Izik has distilled two decades of small business experience into 19 fluff-free lessons on employee management, marketing, sales, affiliations, goal-setting, and more.

In each chapter, a common business problem is defined, a specific solution is offered, and the rationale is discussed. Informed by spectacular failure and staggering success, this honest and self-reflexive “formula” encourages constant reevaluation and evolution to help business owners optimize their process in any market. The reader is taken beyond a static business curriculum and made to understand the philosophy behind the moves being made.

The Entrepreneurial Evolution is written in a simple format that puts its lessons in reach of anyone. Filled with stories, dotted with humour, and supplemented with illustrations, each chapter contains actionable advice that is easy to implement, and concludes with a concise “elevator pitch” to reinforce the bottom-line message.

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  • Tips on how to save money and run your business more effectively
  • Reminders of the essentials when running a business
  • Success stories and experiences to inspire you to change not just how you do business, but also your life
  • Short tutorials on how to introduce innovative ideas into your business
  • Information about workshops happening in your area