Workflow-rules: Another addition

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Workflow-rules: Another addition

As a salesperson, you have to go through many things on a daily basis. Sending emails to customers, updating required fields, following up on leads, etc. are only a little portion of every day’s bucket.  But some of them can easily be missed from the checklist.

To reduce all your mistakes, Zoho CRM provides you workflow automation that can finish your routine follow-ups without going missing and make your business hours more productive.

Multiple conditions justifying one rule

There are lots of follow-ups you need to check. Workflow rules can do these actions automatically when specified conditions are given. You can set 10 conditions for only one rule and increase the power of a single workflow 10 times.

Smoother work line with Zoho CRM

It’s always important to perform the right actions at any crucial stage. To make it easy, Zoho CRM provides pre-defined actions like scheduling tasks, sending emails, and updating fields. It also lets you automate your different sales routines instantly or even at a later date. Through the Zoho Developer space, another service of Zoho CRM, you can even customize your actions to meet specific business requirements, like sending personalized SMS notifications to your customers when their orders have been confirmed, dispatched or delivered.

Have better understanding about your workflows

You can increase the speed of your follow-ups by the help of workflow rules but you must know how it works. Workflow analyzes each rule carefully for you. It doesn’t skip any particular even a little one. It knows the number of records that go through a particular rule, even how many leads have opened your email. Here, Zia helps you analyze your workflows further with her intelligence. She helps you find out if an email template's modification is not performing as well from a rule's modification.

Ensure that the right leads are in the right hands

You often find your leads coming from different channels like web forms, trade shows etc. You must select your right team member for the valuable leads. Through Zoho CRM you can find the right one to handle customers. It can select the team members according to the lead’s importance. It automatically assigns the one who is best to close deals to the interested leads and the handy one to the less convenient leads. It can also apply the round-robin method to distribute leads to your team equally. So, according to your needs, Zoho CRM can select members and make you feel relaxed. 

Save time with on clicks

Macro, another option of Zoho CRM, helps you to save time. It notices when you repeat the same work and make your work faster by suggesting macros. It will help you find your daily manual activities and put under one command of click to complete all these actions. One single click can send an email, update a record, and create a task and share them with the team so they can run the same set of actions simultaneously.

Integrate your apps with Webhooks

To confirm other parties every time after any deals closed, you can use Webhooks to inform actions to third-party every time any event occurs in CRM. Through webhooks, you can create a contact or close a deal and put your CRM in conversation with hundreds of other apps.

Improve CRM by using custom functions

Every piece of information is important when you follow up your leads and close your deals. But to keep track of all data using different applications is difficult. But Zoho CRM can provide you customized function where you can find the information you use on a daily basis right inside your CRM. You can also auto-fill state and city based on zip codes, or calculate cumulative revenue from a customer based on all closed deals.

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