Marketing Automation: Revenue Guaranteed

06.07.19 12:46 PM Comment(s) By Zoho

The primary goal of every business is to generate maximum revenue. Most of the revenue a company generates, are from quality customers who were often considered as best leads. It’s like a chain reaction that starts from the initial interest of any leads.

Loyal customers bring long term revenue to any business. Efficient marketers know how to convert a normal visitor into a loyal customer. They face different visitors’ interests and then channel them in line with the brand’s vision. This way marketers may attract visitors to their brand who can eventually become loyal customers.

Marketing automation has become a new thing for everyone nowadays. Generally, automation is known as a way to reduce manual tasks, speed things up but most marketers want to differentiate themselves from others through this.

Day by day, marketing automation is becoming a more and more popular way to give customized as well as alternative tours to every lead. It helps to save time and create individual experiences for leads and customers through restoring the human touch to every message and process.

Marketing automation is a modern way while achieving traditional marketing. It helps marketers to grow both their brand as well as revenue as before. But it is no longer limited between large organizations or global businesses. Newborn, blooming or established - all types of businesses are applying marketing automation.

Now you know the strength of automation. But do you know the perfect time to start it or when to use marketing automation for your brand?

To know so, you need to check some points that you aimed to do.


    • Know the behavior of your website and its visitors by identifying, tracking and analyzing.
    • Use different channels like email, SMS, social that benefit for your brand.
    • Look for an organized and tailored way to engage your leads.
    • Take care of the qualifying leads as they are the spine of your marketing efforts.
    • Filter the leads based on their future importance.
    • Apply a faster and smoother lead-to-customer conversion cycle.
    • Scale up revenue across different divisions that is your brand aims for.
    • Measure the revenue performance of each marketing campaign.
    • Look for an integrated system that helps you connect with numerous services and perform all your marketing activities in one place.
    • Collaborate your marketing and sales efforts efficiently.

If your answer is positive for most of the points then you are definitely in need of marketing automation. It will help you in those matters to perform your task efficiently.

So, in short, it can be said that marketing automation is a life-saving way to perform marketing activities effectively in a more human way.

You can try Zoho MarketingHub’s robust features that help in lead management, web behavioral marketing, multichannel engagement, personalized customer journeys, ROI measurement, and more.

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