Blueprint: The new way to build, sell, and repeat

11.07.19 04:51 AM Comment(s) By Zoho

Marketers face many confusions while handling their customers. For example, how to keep up with all the leads, prospects, and customers or what to do at each stage in the pipeline. These decisions affect further steps which eventually results into poor or inefficient marketing of the brand.

To reduce all these confusions, Zoho CRM is introducing Blueprint, a technology that gives guidelines to all its users about decision making like what actions should be taken at what time and how to organize the right information in the right sequence. Either experienced or newly hired salespersons, this process should be repeatable.
Virtually designed business process

Put all the jigsaws in place to complete the puzzle. If you want your sales team to address each type of opportunity, you should fix the order, specify on who can do what, and set certain conditions that have to be met for a deal to close.
Make sure your design is meticulously followed

Best practices need to put into regular action otherwise they will remain only good motives. Blueprint ensures that everyone follows the same instructions just as you wanted. For example, during the process of closing a deal, Blueprint provides certain features like fixing the maximum discount or negotiation period, are met. It also ensures that sales activities are done within the time period you've specified

Never delay a sell


If you do not sell on time, you losing out on time and money both. Blueprint in Zoho CRM does not let a lead or deal stay in a particular stage for more than a specified time. It ensures your sales process is running efficiently. The Blueprint also ensures the important tasks for a particular stage, like sending a quote or scheduling the next follow-up call, are marked complete before moving to the next stage of your process.

Improve through close observations and feedback

Teamwork is the best way to remove any bottleneck. Blueprint provides built-in reports that help to identify which part of the process needs the most attention as well as where significant time is being spent by employees and where things have stalled.

Let your system be your representative

The sales process is useless if you can’t execute it. Every time your sales team meets any prospect, there are lots of things to be done from sending follow-up emails to maintaining customer records. Blueprint can automatically perform these actions of every stage for you
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