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As you go higher in the management ladder, more and more responsibility comes on to your shoulder. You almost need to have a bird’s eye view over the entire organization. Imagine a situation where you have to go to a meeting but you were supposed to get the necessary documents for whether this client can get your enough revenue or not. You asked your sales team to contact with the brand team and give the potential market data to accounts to run the number. Now you are running late and you have no idea how far those documents are.

A slight miscommunication in such a complex situation can lead into the entire organization losing out on some good potential businesses. This is whereOrchestly will help your life make much easier. Orchestly will provide you with a workflow management platform which will automate your workflow and maintain a delay-free management.


Why Orchestly?

Orchestly helps you organize your workflow in a drag and drop platform as flowcharts. This will help you decide assigning responsibilities, define which constrains everyone will have to follow and routine conditions. You can also get data from users with the accurate context in place and send notifications of your own. If you are accustomed to Zoho CRM, Desk, Recruit or Projects, Orchestly remains a unique version amongst all these.

Orchestly will allow you to connect other tools you use and link different departments in one workflow to make sure that your project is done on time.

Command your organization better

Let’s analyze the first example we talked about. Now that you are running late for the meeting when you ask the accounting team where are those documents they simply blame that they are running late as they received the documents late or there were mistakes in them which took time to rectify.

When you ask your brand team about it, they simply refuse and tell you that they have done their job diligently and tell you that sales team didn’t give them the correct numbers at the first place. Your sales team work at the ground level and they have first-hand interaction with the potential customer group. They are the one who interact with your customers on daily basis.

As a manager it is almost impossible for you to know where the problem is and without accurate identification you can’t really blame anyone. Here is where Orchestly will help your life much easier as you can now see who disrupted the entire workflow and thus hold everyone responsible for their actions much more easily. 

Blue-print module will help you map your entire workflow

Jobs-module will give you the opportunity to track all the work done in real time. Thus now you can easily figure out who is the one that is running everyone late. 

Reports enable you to understand where the deficiencies are within this system and thus you can take measures accordingly. 

You don’t need to worry about the price!

The biggest thing about Orchestly is right now it stands alone as a single product but with a view to including it within the Zoho One. The pricing model is a user-based pricing one and it starts as low as $8/per month. With a 15 day trail period in place, you just can’t go wrong with us. For more detailed prices have a look at Orchestly price ranges.


Let us be a part of your digital transformation
We here at Orchestly the uniqueness that every company has to offer and we cater our services to meet their demand. Our enterprise solution will revolutionize your organization for the better and we can’t wait to get started with you. 

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