Automate Meeting Process with Zoho CRM and App Integration to Enjoy Seamless Meeting Experience

04.07.19 07:03 AM Comment(s) By Zoho

To be updated on this business world, there are lots of meetings you need to attend like online-based presentations, demos, chats, etc. But it’s unproductive as well as frustrating because it results into switching between many applications back and forth. Even experienced people can’t get themselves put of this loop and stuck in this process.


We envision to make your life much easier so, we are introducing the Zoho MeetingBridge platform at InfoComm 2019, the alternative to online meetings, which helps you to generate more sales with less effort. On this platform, the products of online meeting solution vendors will be integrated deeply with Zoho CRM. It helps to build preferable integrations for the users where you can find suitable meeting application and can enjoy an easy effortless meeting experience. Salespersons can easily schedule and throw their meeting directly as per need by these new online meeting apps, available on the Zoho Marketplace.


6 Reasons for You to choose the Modern Meeting Experience on Zoho CRM

1.  Effortless Meeting Place 

Zoho CRM will become your favorite place when you find that scheduling, hosting, or joining online meetings can be done right away from it. You can enjoy an effortless meeting experience on this platform. Finally, switching between applications back and forth times are over as all your favorite meeting applications become integrated with Zoho CRM.


2.  Have a Context in Place for your meeting 

Zoho CRM can make online meetings more meaningful with added context through its multi-channel sales enablement platform.


3.  Smart Reminders to Start Meetings in a Click 

Zoho CRM represents smart reminders which help you remind about the upcoming meeting as well as to start meeting in one click.


4.  Check Post-Meeting Status 

To increase the effectiveness of meetings and speed up sales, you can check attendance and other important insights from Zoho CRM. Post-meeting status can also be tracked from here. 


5.  Share Videos of Your Meetings 

Zoho CRM records videos of conferences that enable them to share the link to other contacts. Recordings of past meetings can be found here and a non-attendee can get recordings from CRM.


6.  Notify & Give Reminders through Emails 

Zoho CRM helps to notify about meetings with proper instructions. Automated reminder emails reduce absent percentages. So, it improves meeting attendance with low effort.

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