5 Automation Hacks that Every Salesperson Need to Know!!

27.06.19 09:24 AM Comment(s) By Zoho

Efficiency can easily make a huge difference between being a good salesperson and a top-performing one. A good sense of sales and communication skills also can also have the same impact. Apart from these, the best salespeople also know how to stay focused on the top of their pipeline, check up on their clients when needed and never miss the chance to close a deal.

But one thing that makes it easier to be a highly-effective salesperson is automation. Here are some sales automation hacks that one needs to know better to be a top performer.

Know lead scoring-based criteria

Most of your sales generally will come from a part of your all the work you put in. A good sales person always knows that the most closed revenue will come from the leads who give a positive vibe from the start. To understand the leading type and know what matters most, lead scoring is one of the most valuable automation hacks.


You must have a clear idea about how to spot a good lead. Categorically order the leads on the basis of how important they are can come in handy. On the other hand, you must have knowledge of the leads that will not generate any revenue or become a great risk and eventually waste your time only.  Company size, country or industry can be taken into consideration whilst making your criteria. Now you can give your proper attention to the leads that have the great chance of bringing long-term revenue and streamline your interactions with the rest.

Stop wasting time following-up your E-mails

You can end up wasting a lot of time by chasing emails. As a salesperson, it’s a part of your job to follow up to your customers but you can easily save your time if you set up email sequences that automatically follow-up. Through this, you can know which leads haven’t got you back.

You can use automation to assign sales enablement or resources to enroll much quieter leads to make sure they are more sales ready.

Make sure the leads and the salesmen are the right fit

Every salesperson will eventually want to have more leads than others and outperform everyone. But maintaining pressures from an overload of leads can be detrimental to anyone’s performance. There is a fine line between having enough leads and overloaded. Like lead scoring helps you to point out the qualified leads, assignments rules can guide you to allot your sales-ready leads in a well enough pattern. Now you can avoid being overloaded with your leads and maintain your pipeline perfectly. 

Don’t lead to a dead-end, know how to handover to account managers

If you want to be an effective sales person, you must think of having long term business with your customers rather than just focusing on finishing the deal at hand. First you need to know the leads which might be a good fit for your business and only sell to them. It’s also important to carry out a seamless handover to on-boarding and account management.


Automation can be a much easier choice to simplify this entire handover process. You must set the factors that will inform the clients’ services team about a new deal and to give information they need know. Through this you can also set up the tasks for your colleagues to make handover seamless as possible. You can use email templates during the introduction of a new client to make it quick.


Everyone want to be best at their works. So, to be an effective salesperson you must seek learning opportunities continuously and update your skills. The tools you are using that are also important. You may never ignore any small fact cause that can bring great results too.  Sales automation can really be at the foundation of your success if you set all things together correctly.

Have all your sales app integrated 

If you want to be an effective salesperson, you can’t have a messy process and disconnected apps. You can save your time and organize your contacts by integrating your apps that keeps track of the different tools you use. 

This can help you to sync your different CRM contacts with a marketing automation tool, accounting app, VoIP, etc. Furthermore, with a bidirectional integration set up, you can finally stop worrying about your contacts being updated in both apps with their ever changing lead statues, with any addition of tags, or if they ever unsubscribe.

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