Big Game Hunting for Business Owners: 3 Attributes You Need to Succeed

If you’ve read my book, or any of my blogs about what the martial arts can teach us about business, you know that I’m a big believer in “transcendent lessons.” When you’re trying to evolve your approach as an entrepreneur, you’ll find that there’s a lot of useful information you can harvest from other fields.

In the past, I’ve explored the likeness of boxing and entrepreneurship, and shared some “transcendent” lessons that can help you in either pursuit. Today, we’ll talk about some of the similarities between business and hunting.

The Thrill of the Chase

Hunting and business have a lot in common. They’re both ancient practices that people have used to feed their families for thousands of years, and success in either feels amazing. In both realms, we wear a kind of camouflage to put our targets at ease, whether we choose a ghillie suit or a blazer and tie.

Neither pursuit is particularly beginner-friendly; you’ll almost certainly come home empty-handed on your first hunting trip, and it may take some time before you secure your first sale. Junior-level sales people will often over-pitch and forget to listen to their prospect’s’ “pain points” – it’s the equivalent of a hunter walking noisily downwind of their prey, tuning out the world around them, then rushing their shot.

Try and fail as we might as beginner hunters and business people, we keep coming back for more. The thrill of the chase is addictive. But success is even sweeter!

Hunting and business share some crucial keys to success.

Humility, Patience, and Preparation

Hunting and business share some crucial keys to success. Today, we’ll talk about the importance of humility, patience, and preparation.

In hunting, and in business, the fastest way you can improve is to accept that you know nothing. Without this humility, you’ll never open yourself up to the lessons that present themselves to you. Learning opportunities are everywhere. But you’ll never find them if you can’t accept that there’s always more to learn. This frame of mind is fundamental for your success.

Without humility, you won’t have patience. When you think you know everything, you expect immediate results, and won’t stand for any waiting. It’s an entitled way of thinking that does nothing positive; rushing your shot or pushing a sale before your prospect is ready is a fast track to failure. I talk extensively about the proper “timing” for sales in The Entrepreneurial Evolution, and describe different ways for you to turn a “cold” prospect into a “hot” one. If you don’t know how to trigger this change, and you lack patience, you are just going to “spook” your prey.

Without patience and humility, you’ll never bother making the proper preparations. You know everything and you can’t afford to wait around – what are the odds that you’ll take your time to cross your t’s and dot your i’s? Hint: they’re about the same as your odds of being successful with this mentality.

When you’re deer hunting, you need to become part of nature, which is only possible through proper preparation. A deer’s hearing, sight, and sense of smell are amazing, and if you want to avoid detection, you need to put in the work. You’ll have to mask your scent, camouflage yourself, and dress in quiet fabric if you want to come close. The same lessons apply in business; I describe similar preparations you can make in a chapter called “The Mirror,” where I teach entrepreneurs how to appeal to their prospect’s senses to up their chances of closing a deal.

Of course, honing your technique is a large part of your preparation, too. Not just shooting technique, either; you need to know how to stalk your prey, and how to goad them towards you with calls and antler rattling. In business, the same rules apply, as you research target demographics, craft your offer, and perfect your pitch.

In either practice, if you don’t put the time in learning from authoritative sources, your family is going hungry!

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