Accelerated Mobile Pages – FAQ 1

We heard you. After many phones calls and contact forms with great questions about Accelerated Mobile Pages, here are all the questions you’ve asked so far, and the answers you need. We hope that these answers help you decide better, and towards the mobile revolution that is AMP.

What impact can we expect from Accelerated Mobile Pages in 2017?

In my 20 years of active online marketing, I have learned one thing: when Google talks, we listen! From what we see, Google created a new language, or a new way to build websites. AMP is now fully integrated into search results and even in Google’s products, such as tag manager and even webmaster tools. I see it as a message from Google.

AMP is here to stay and change the way websites work!


How do I get Google Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress?

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This is a great question regarding the latest WordPress web design world! There are 2 ways to integrate WordPress with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages).

  1. Download a plugin that converts WordPress pages to AMP. This is a very limited option with bad results. Here are some details about this option
  2. Create a custom template for WordPress based on your existing or new design. After adding the AMP custom template you will be able to add pages and manage content as you did before.


Where can I locate a company that develops AMP websites? (our company) is one of the pioneers in AMP web design. We know AMP inside out and how to integrate it with your existing marketing campaigns.

Many companies will claim that they know AMP. The only way to know if that is true is by validating the websites that they created. This is how you can verify:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the URL of the website you like to test in the URL field.
  3. Click on Validate.

Google will respond with Fail or Pass message. That is the only way to know if you are dealing with a true AMP provider.

What are the benefits of using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)?

That’s a challenging question, as there are many benefits, and I’m not sure where to start. But here, I’ll try to make everything as simple as possible:

  1. Improves your website speed dramatically.
  2. One of the SEO ranking factors is your website speed. Because AMP sites load very fast, your website easily satisfies the speed criteria in SEO ranking.
  3. The majority of users will not wait more then 4 seconds for a page to load. With AMP, the average load time is 1 second. This means that means potential customers visiting your website are more likely to be converted to business because of efficient service relayed by your website.
  4. Bounce rate (people that click on a page and bounce back to search results) is lower.
  5. Better display on mobile phones and tablets.
  6. Better display on Google Search results for mobile (Google created a special section for AMP websites, displayed as a carousel on top of regular search results).
  7. AMP web design improves AdWords rankings and increases number of clicks through rate.


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