The Abraham Lesson and How It Affects Business and Our Personal Lives

Here, we’ll go back to the basics with a core concept that will lead the lesson we’re about to learn. It helps to remember it before we dive in.

In the old days there were prophets who were able to get G-D guidance. They were able to get instructions directly from the source. In order for them to get those communications from G-D they had to be empty of negative thoughts. They were not able to be sad, feel lonely, or gossip, among others. They had to be clean.

Abraham was commanded by G-D to take his beloved son and sacrifice him. Abraham took his son to a place called Moriah as G-D directed him, and then he supposed to wait for additional commands from G-D. Once Abraham reached Moriah G-D spoke to Abraham again and directed him to the specific place were to sacrifice Isaac.


When Abraham reached the specific place that G-D told him to travel to, Abraham built an altar there and arranged the wood on it and placed his son. He bound his son Isaac and laid him on the altar, on top of the wood. Then he reached out his hand and took the knife to slay his son. But the angel of the G-D called out to him from heaven, “Abraham! Abraham!”. The angel told Abraham to change his place and release Isaac. This is how the story ends and the lesson starts.


Abraham is a very special figure. He is one of the 3 fathers, and taught his followers many valuable lessons. This lesson is about understanding and knowing that everything that happens in our lives turns out for the best in the end.


As we learned in the beginning of the lesson, in order to get directions from G-D, the person must be pure or else he can’t gain wisdom and receive clear and true messages from above that will guide his life. Think of us humans as a channel. When the channel is blocked, nothing can pass through it. When Abraham was told to take his son and sacrifice him, Abraham continued to communicate with G-D. He succeeded because he was not sad or disturbed. On the way to Moriah, G-D talked to Abraham again and gave him more directions. Abraham was able to get those only because he remained clean, and harbored no sadness or anger of any kind. Finally, Abraham got the final message from the angel one second before he slay his son throat – again, all because he remained pure, and true to the message he was sent.


To me, this story is fascinating! How can a father bear to kill and sacrifice his own son, and remain calm, pure and without resentment? If Abraham harbored anger or sadness, he would not have gotten the final message, resulting in him sacrificing his son’s life with lost, now unguided purpose. 


Every story in the Bible is a story that teaches a lesson to guide us in how we live our lives everyday. As I see it, the lesson is:


  1. Everything happens for a reason.
  2. Take a moment to understand the bigger picture. There is always a plan for each one of us. Our problem is, we are limited in our understanding and don’t know about the scale of these plans, or understand them at all times. We end up judging what happens to us as it comes, instead of seeing the big picture and the higher purpose it serves.
  3. In order to understand messages intended for us and embrace our life’s purpose, we need to remain open and clean of bad thoughts by suspending our judgment and disbelief. Most people tend to feel sad or be angry when something they cannot grasp the purpose of happens. In coaching, we call it the crazy 8. The details can be overwhelming, but the gist is, people love to feel sorry for themselves. Usually, it starts as sadness, then escalating to anger and then sadness recurs – it’s all a vicious cycle. Once you learn that it’s all a flow that exists in yourself and everyone else, you can become aware of when it attacks, allowing you to eliminate it with reason, simply because you know there is no truth to it. It is, because of how we humans are built.  If Abraham let his emotions control him, he would have ended up killing his own son.


I hope this lesson will make a small change in the way you see life; every time that you feel anger or sadness, remember that it’s a design flaw that you can control. 

Going to a client meeting loaded with anger or sadness will not result great results. Clean yourself and let the lord’s guidance flow trough you.



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