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About Lior Izik

One of the greatest gifts we have is memory. It allows us to look back in our lives and reflect upon both the good and the bad. This was an exercise that I did that allowed me to see how the first segment of my life was quite rocky and unbalanced. I like so many other people lived on wishful thinking…

Wishful Thinking Is Pure Bs!

This is where so many people will often say….
I wish I had more money
I wish I had a better job
I wish I could win the lottery
I wish I could have a windfall
And the list goes on and on according to what is important in one's life, and for most being financially stable is one of the big priorities.

All of these “I hope" scenarios which are what wishes really are all called “Hopium" in the business world.
My reflections on the first part of my life brought one clear thing to mind. That was, that the second part of my life which was my future was going to be no different unless I made some changes. I was doomed to “Hopium" until I remembered the very clever words of Jim Rohn, “Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change" Words that held a lot of power for me and started me on a new journey in life.

My New Journey

I knew if I were going to follow the words of Jim Rohn that I needed to determine what was needed in my life to make a change. This meant looking at how others got what I wanted. What led them to success? It didn't take long after some careful research to determine they all had some things in common which were….

  1. They invested in their personal growth
  2. They planned for the future which included their retirement
  3. They never stopped learning and they were consistent in doing this
  4. They set goals then devised plans to achieve them
  5. They live active lifestyles and included sports in their activities
  6. They were health conscious when it came to their diet and consumed a healthy diet
  7. They possess a collection of books that are versified and utilized the knowledge that these possess

I soon learned from all of this that these were all things that I did not have or did not practice in my life.

My First Goal

My goal now became to achieve these attributes that all those who had success made sure they possessed. Money was not the end goal here. I realized the priority was to get to the level in life where I was happy which would mean that I had become successful.

Three Years of Garnering Achievements

It took three years of my life of implementing these common traits of successful people to turn my life around, and the results were impressive.

  1. My once dull and meaningless marriage became one of excitement and fulfillment.
  2. My children have a father that they can count on for the here and now as well as their future. I have learned that they are the priority in my life and not money. When my children are in need of their Father for any reason, I am here for them.
  3. My new approach to life allowed me the opportunity to create a successful business that snowballed into multiple businesses, that created strong financial stability for me and my family as well as our futures.
  4. By adopting a healthier lifestyle my ten hours of sleeping that provided no benefits turned into a sleep pattern of five hours that energizes me and allows me to wake up each morning feeling vibrant and ready for whatever life has in store for me.
  5. Health problems like sinusitis and heartburn and general aches and pains are no longer a part of my life. The new changes I have adopted in my life not only strengthened me mentally but physically so I have a healthy immune system that prevents me from suffering with the common illnesses like colds and flues.

Great Another Positive Thinker

It may sound this way but in fact I am not a believer in positive thinking is the cure all for whatever ails you in life. One of my mentors Tony Robbins who we all know is a great success used to say “It's not about positive thinking, because I don't believe in that, I don't believe you should go to your garden and chant, 'There's no weeds, there's no weeds, there's no weeds,'and think that that's going to solve something. I'm a believer in find the weed and rip it out".

Passing It On

As the changes in my life have led to many successes many people have asked me to help them achieve the same goals. This has created another big change in my life from being a successful business person to becoming a successful mentor. It has created a wonderful journey for me which gives me great pleasure to take other people down the road of success with me.

My focus is now on imparting my knowledge through online courses, workshops, speaking engagements and one on one consultations.
As my way of paying back for the wonderful successes that I have been able to achieve I have started this most exciting YouTube channel to share with others what I have learned in the hopes they too will be able to turn their “I wish" into" I have". I mostly willingly share all that I have to offer by way of expertise, experience and knowledge here on this website at absolutely NO charge.

To begin you on your journey I start you with a few words of wisdom taken from Jim Rohn: “You can have more than you've got because you can become more than you are" Added to this let me say….

  • Growth comes with knowing more
  • Learn from the pages of knowledge that you can easily have access to
  • Make it a point to be continuously learning

I have no special skills or education. I have no doctorates in business, I am not a registered therapist, nor am I a trained financial advisor. I do hold some certificates of interest because of my quest for learning such as business and personal coaching, along with some interest subjects like acupuncture and massage therapy. In other words I am not presenting myself to you as some worldly professional. But! what I am doing is sharing tried and true life experiences with you that have been proven to make a difference. These experiences are what is going to take you out of Hopium into a world of personal success.

Don't wish upon a star, but instead grab that star and make it your own. Become the star of success.